American Internet Tech donates to American Cancer Society (January 2021)

American Internet Tech donates to American Cancer Society (January 2021)

The New Year has arrived! Wave goodbye to the old and embrace the new with hope, dreams, and ambition. American Internet Tech wishes you a Happy New Year full of health, wealth, and happiness!

Good news is that death rate from cancer in the United States has continued to decline. From 1991 to 2018, the cancer death rate has fallen 31%. This includes a 2.4% decline from 2017 to 2018—a new record for the largest 1-year drop in the cancer death rate. These are just some of the findings from the annual statistics reported from the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Each year, American Cancer Society researchers include a special section in Cancer Facts & Figures highlighting an issue of cancer research or care. This year, the topic is COVID-19 and cancer. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused reduced access to care for other illnesses, including cancer. This has led to delays in cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

Even as access to care improves, people may continue to wait to see their doctors for preventive care or an evaluation of symptoms because they’ve lost their jobs due to COVID-19 (including their work-based health insurance) or are afraid they will expose themselves to the virus. This delayed care will most likely show up as a brief drop in cancer diagnoses, followed in the years to come by a rise in late stage diagnoses and cancer deaths.

It is estimated that in the US in 2021, almost 1.9 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed. And more than 600,000 people will die from cancer.

We can all help to decrease these numbers. American Internet Tech will continue to support the American Cancer Society and dares to dream of a cancer free world.

Happy New Year!