American Internet Tech donates to American Cancer Society (December 2019)

American Internet Tech donates to American Cancer Society (December 2019)

December is not a cancer awareness month. It is a season to celebrate and, hopefully, find time to be joyous, thankful and forward-looking. It is the perfect month to embrace spirituality, loved ones and life, itself, no matter what challenges we might face.

December is National Giving Month. National Giving Month celebrates Americans at their best by acknowledging the generosity and volunteerism that unites people of all ideologies during the month of December. Recognizes Americans who tend to the unmet human, educational. health, environmental and public needs of our communities. Promotes a strong and vibrant charitable and philanthropic sector ensuring all Americans experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Celebrates donors, volunteers, corporations, foundations and organizations who financially invest in the local, state and national challenges before us. Encourages the nonprofit sector to solve the socio-economic challenges that ensure every man, woman and child can pursue the American dream. Highlights civic responsibility and the spirit of community and service through shared values that transcend race, religion, gender, age, disability, region, income and education.

Throughout the world, the month of December turns into a spending frenzy as millions of people, irrespective of their thoughts about the baby Jesus, pour more money than they can afford into a gift-buying extravaganza. At the end of the day, what people are trying to buy is happiness for their loved ones. But what we should do is to bring Christmas Joy and Hope for the ones that need it the most.

It’s always more fun and more rewarding to give. Let generosity be your family and put others ahead of yourself. American Internet Tech makes another monthly donation to the American Cancer Society in order to bring Hope to someone else this Christmas.

May your holidays be filled with lots of happiness, peace, and love!